“Reggae Culture is words to make people be aware of what’s happening,
or singing about what happens to you or other people.
Conscious words is reggae culture. Wisdom, knowledge,
and understanding are the culture of Reggae”

Frederick “Toots” Hibbert (Toots And The Maytals)
In: Stephen Foehr. Waking up in Jamaica (p.113-114)

“Reggae does help create a communal memory and history
among oppressed people everywhere, no matter their colour. “
“Reggae music has been a revolutionary vehicle where
[people have] expressed themselves for liberation.”

David Hinds (Steel Pulse)
In: Stephen Foehr. Waking up in Jamaica(p.120 & p.122)

“Self-esteem is part of the Reggae Culture.
If we all become strong links, there will be no weakness in the chain,
and brothers and sisters we are all linked together.
There is nothing mythic about the fact that the world drinks Coca-Cola.
There is nothing mythic in the television pictures of people massacred by dictators.
We must all stand up for the rights of each other, for our rights,
and you must be strong within yourself in order to do that.
The Reggae Culture expounds equality, respect and individual afford for the common good.”

Kwame Dawes (Ujamaa)
In: Stephen Foehr. Waking up in Jamaica (p.116)

Quotations selected by Katja